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July 30, 2020

Stride Exercises:

*grab two sliders or a small towel to go under your feet on a slippery floor

*stand in your skating stance for all exercises (knees bent- get low, back at a 45 degree angle, shoulders, knees and toes all in a line).

Exercise 1:

  • Put your weight on your right leg and a towl under your left foot 

  • Push out your left foot to full stride, pause and pull it back under your body

  • Repeat 10 times then switch to your other leg. Do 3 sets. 

  • Make sure to stay low the entire time (head doesn't bob up and down).

Exercise 2:

  • Put a towel under each foot

  • Put weight on left leg and push right leg out to full extension, bring leg back in and transfer weight to right leg, push out left leg and then return back under body (it should look like a skating stride).

  • Repeat 10x per leg (stay low the entire time). Do 3 sets.

*It looks like this (without the stick)-

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