An important part of any good hockey program is off-ice strength and conditioning. Introducing young players to proper stretching, mobility, strength and conditioning techniques and habits is important for personal growth both within hockey and in their daily life. We at Fox School of Hockey have studied proper training technique and have traveled to numerous professional gyms from across the province to learn best practices. Contact us today to see how we can help to build your program!


1- 1hr session starting at $100.

3- 1hr sessions starting at $250.

5- 1 hr sessions starting at $375.

10- 1 hr sessions starting at $600.

Individual and small group options also available!


Fox School of Hockey will come out to one of your regularly scheduled practices and run a Team Skills Session that has been designed based on the specific needs of your team!


The sessions have been designed to give players a low cost strength and conditioning program that will help them improve their endurance, strength, speed, coordination, agility, and balance.


These sessions are specifically tailored to individual player needs, incorporating skating instruction, puck handling and puck protection drills, as well as position-specific drills.