Being proficient at a skill is the key to success in any discipline, and it is certainly no different in hockey. At Fox School of Hockey, we focus on skills development in a detailed, learning environment. The importance of skill development is occasionally overlooked due to time constraints and often takes a back seat to systems and team tactics. Simply put, without a proficient skill set, execution of proper systems and team tactics is unachievable. In this, we at Fox School of Hockey are looking to get out into the hockey community and not only teach the skills necessary to be successful at all levels of hockey, but also demonstrate different ways to practice these skills and what to look for when doing so. This includes skating and edge work technique, puck control and protection, advanced shooting technique, position specific skills, and many other areas of skills development. We’re also excited to offer hockey specific off-ice training to promote on-ice performance and injury prevention, as well as a healthy lifestyle. In having worked with all levels of skill in ability from beginners to professionals, we are always trying to look for new, innovative ways to improve every player we work with. We believe that through collaboration and working together as a group, we can continue to develop and build exceptional hockey players. Contact us today to see how we can help each other to see how we can improve and strive to be the best we can be!

1- 1 hr session starting at $170.

3- 1 hr sessions starting at $450.

5- 1 hr sessions starting at $700.

*packages include 2-3 instructors but do not cover ice cost.

Organization packages available!


Fox School of Hockey will come out to one of your regularly scheduled practices and run a Team Skills Session that has been designed based on the specific needs of your team!


The sessions have been designed to give players a low cost strength and conditioning program that will help them improve their endurance, strength, speed, coordination, agility, and balance.


These sessions are specifically tailored to individual player needs, incorporating skating instruction, puck handling and puck protection drills, as well as position-specific drills.