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July 28, 2020

Balance & Mobility Circuit:

1) 10x cossack squat (per leg)

2) 10x shoulder wall slides (overhead)

3) 10x scorpions (per side)

4) 10x bird dogs (per side)

5) 90/90 Hip Stretch (30 sec each side)

Cossack Squat- Hip Stretch-

Core Circuit: repeat 3 times

1) 10x Swiss Ball Rollout 

2) Banded Oblique Hold (45 sec each side)

3) Hip Bridge (1 min)

*sub Swiss Ball Rollout with Ab Wheel Rollout or High to Low Plank

*sub Banded Oblique Hold with  Russian Twists (x10) or side plank (45 sec each)

Swiss Ball Rollout- Oblique Hold- to Low Plank-

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