Category: General Stickhandling


June 25, 2020


- 20 Pulls Across (forehand to backhand)

  • put puck/ball out as far as you can on your forehand side and pull it across to as far as you can reach on your backhand

  • make sure to slide your bottom hand, pull it quickly across & keep it as close to your toes as possible

  • get out of your comfort zone

- 20x Pulls Across (backhand to forehand)

  • exact same as above but from backhand to forehand

- 10x 4-Puck Butterfly (each direction)

  • set 4 pucks up in front of your in a big rectangle

  • start at the bottom right corner and push the puck up around the top right corner, pull down around the bottom left corner, then up to the top left corner and finally back to the bottom right

  • switch sides after 10

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