Category: General Stickhandling


May 27, 2020

1) Lateral Reach

  • lay the board or stick horizontally in front of you on the ground

  •  start by stickhandling your ball from right to left in a big loop around the board

  • do 10 loops right to left and then 10 loops left to right

  • remember to try to move your feet as little as possible and make sure to slide your bottom hand up and down your stick as you reach and pull

2) Forward Reach

  • move the board so it is now facing forwards in front of you

  • again, do 10 loops from right to left and 10 more from left to right

3) 5 Puck/Cone Reach

  • set up 5 pucks/cones in a semi- circle around your body as far out as your stick can reach

  • reach around first puck, bring back to front of body, stickhandle twice then reach around next puck/cone

  • reach around all 5 pucks and work your way back to the start (repeat 4 more times)

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