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Shooting Challenge

August 14, 2020

Shooting Challenge:

  • You get 3 attempts at each shot type. If you are unsuccessful you get a letter. See how many you can get through before you spell HORSE! You can use targets, cans or the pockets on your shooter tutor. Feel free to restart and try again if you want.

1: 5 paces away- wrist shot, high glove

2: 2 paces away- snap shot high blocker

3: 3 paces away- 5 hole

4: 15 paces away: slap shot low glove

5: Deke- backhand upstairs 

6: 5 paces away- cross bar

7: 10 paces away- wrist shot top corner (either side)

8: 5 paces away- snap shot low blocker

9: 5 paces away- saucer high glove

10: 20 paces away- wrist shot top corner (either side) 

11: 20 paces away- slap shot 5 hole

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