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Fitness Test #4

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August 31, 2020

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*you can complete the testing all at once, throughout the day or throughout the week

  1. Push Ups- Complete as many push-ups in a row as you can (chest must touch a tennis ball each time)

  2. Vertical Jump- Stand next to a wall and put a piece of tape or chalk on your finger. Jump as high as you can and touch the wall. Measure how high it is. Try 3 times and pick your best score.

  3. Broad Jump- Make a line (or put down a piece of tape on the ground). Keep your toes behind the line and do a standing jump as far as you can. Measure how far your jumped (from the line to your heels). Try 3 times and pick your best score.

  4. 10 metre sprint- Mark off 10m using a tape measure. Sprint it 3-5 times and record your best score.

  5. 5-10-5- Place 3 cones 5m apart in a straight line. Start in the middle, sprint to one end and touch the cone, sprint all of the way to the farthest cone and touch it. Finally sprint back to the middle cone and run through just like it was a finish line. You can see a video of this

  6. Wall Sit- Finding a non-slippery spot and hold a wall sit (knees just above 90 degrees, hands not on knees)

  7. Plank Test- Hold a front plank as long as you can (once your hips start sagging you're finished- DO NOT hold longer as it is bad for your back and it doesn't help your core strength)

  8. Chin Up Test- Complete as many chin ups as you can in a row (must drop below 90 degrees)- optional

*Enter scores for all tests at

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