2022 On-Ice Only Wk 1

On-Ice Only DEVELOPMENT CAMPS (July 18-21st)

This week will be all on-ice skills focused on improving individual player skills in skating, stick handling, passing and puck protection.


DateJuly 18-21st


9-10am                U7 ($140 incl HST)

10-11am               U9 ($140 incl HST)

11am-12:30pm     U11/U13 ($200 incl HST)

2:30-4:00pm      Intro to Body Contact ($200 incl HST)

Sessions: 4 sessions 

Location: FN1

U7-U9 Development Camps:

At our U7 Development Camps, our goal is to foster passion for the game of hockey and to make players excited to go to the rink. Our experienced instructors break down the basic hockey skills into relatable chunks so that young players can learn the proper techniques necessary to build a strong training base. Over the course of the week, players will engage in skating, shooting and puck handling drills mixed with a ton of games to create a fun and positive environment for learning,

U11-U13 Development Camps:

Similar to our camps from 2021, our U11 and U13 camps will spend the first two days of camp working on individual skating, shooting, passing and puck protection skills. Later into the week these skills will be applied to position-specific drills that they will use in games, followed by game simulation drills where pressure will be applied by coaches and other players.

Intro to Body Contact Camp:

Similar to skating, shooting and passing, body checking is a skill that can be taught. Our Intro to Body Contact camp delivers everything that a player will need to prepare them for U15 hockey. Our program will teach players how to deliver hits and receive hits safely while also teaching angling skills and situational awareness to help them gain an understanding of dangerous locations on the ice. As the week progresses, players will be placed into position-specific drills where they are likely to be hit. This will help players to improve their understanding and confidence of how to apply their skills in a game situation to prepare them for tryouts.

Player Registration

Please fill out the following form for player registration.

Medical Information

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or EMT at the time of the camp. Please make cheques payable to Fox School of Hockey.

Fox School of Hockey reserves the right to cancel any camp due to low enrolment or health restrictions. In the event that a camp is cancelled, you will be contacted by email.

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