As we journey through unprecedented times with no ice available, our instructors have been hard at work exploring new ways to inspire and keep helping young hockey players to improve. We are extremely excited to announce the new development of Online Zoom Camps to help teach hockey specific skills and situational awareness through video review. 

Camps will be run entirely online through Zoom (we will decide upon a time that works best for all participants) and will focus on teaching players to think the game through detailed explanation and interactive questions directed at players in the camp.

Each camp will run with four-40 minute Zoom meetings open to all ages.

Camp 1- Defense-Specific Skills

Learn all of the intricate details about the skills needed to play defense at the NHL level. We will break down each skill to explain what we as coaches are looking for and how they are able to execute them so effectively at such high speeds. Skills include: retrievals, making breakout passes, defending 1on1s, walking the line and defense specific shooting.

Date: June 15-18th

Time: Four-40 minute sessions (time TBD)

Cap:   20 players

Cost:  $100

Camp 2- Forward-Specific Skills

Spend 160 minutes learning about all of the skills needed to play forward at a high level. Topics will include: different types of shots and when to use them, how to find open ice, protecting the puck in the corner, receiving breakout passes, as well as screens, deflections and rebounds. You’ll learn the details about when to use each skill and how to effectively use each skill so that you’re ready to practice them when it’s time to jump back on the ice!

Date: June 22-25th

Time: Four-40 minute sessions (time TBD)

Cap:   20 players

Cost:  $100




Sit down with one of our Head Instructors for 40 minutes to breakdown NHL game film.

Topics include:

– Forward Specific Game Play

– Defense Specific Game Play

– Different Types of Shots & When to Use Them

– Game Systems Details (5on5, 5on4)

– Your Choice

Cost: $60 per session ($150 for 3)

*Group packages also available

VIRTUAL 1-on-1s

Want some immediate feedback without having to cover the cost of ice? Then virtual 1-on-1s are perfect for you! We’ve got two options to choose from:


Meet live on Zoom with one of our Head Instructors to breakdown your shot or stickhandling with immediate feedback and drills to help you improve your skills.

$60 per session (or $150 for 3)

Send us a Video:

You can also send us a video of your skills for us to breakdown and send back to you along with some drills to help you improve!

$40 per skill breakdown


Join the Fox Hockey Community with our Online Academy. Each week you get 5 hockey specific workouts, 5 unique shooting workouts, 5 engaging stickhandling workouts and 2 video analysis tasks designed to track and improve your skills. Players complete online testing for their fitness, stickhandling and shot each month so that we can track their progress and give them feedback to help them improve!

Cost: $20 per month

Registration for Online Camp

Please fill out the following form for new player registration. After you are done filling out this form, you will be sent to PayPal where you can put your $50 hold deposit for your camp.